christina huynh

Hi! I’m Christina.

I’m a former journalist turned digital marketer with a knack for bad puns and an interest in telling stories in multiple formats, be it through text, video or interactives.

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What I’m currently up to

For the past two years, I’ve been responsible for managing and developing digital content for the U.S. Green Building Council, an environmental nonprofit that’s the brains behind the LEED green building rating system. My days are spent coding, writing, monitoring analytics and stealing all the office coffee. Before I joined USGBC, I worked as an editor and reporter at the AP in Chicago and Arkansas, respectively, and did some time at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and Washington Business Journal.

What I’m pretty good at

computerGoogle Analytics, SEO, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop and InDesign)
analyzeHTML and content management systems, including Drupal and WordPress
textNews writing and AP Style
checkmarkKnowing the difference between dugongs and manatees

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